Saturday, July 24, 2010

Follow Your Doctor's Advice

"Listen to your doctor." The words seem simple enough, but if you're anything like me, you tend to exercise even when your body is telling you to stop. Working through an injury can be detrimental and, in the long run, turn a temporary problem into a permanent one.

Most of you know that I injured my foot in May of 2009. Ignoring the doctor's advice put me in the position where I am today. Here we are 14 months later and I'm banned from all the cardio I love....including cycle (both indoors and out). As the summer days slip away and my bike is hanging up in the garage, I’ve turned to the pool. After my first dip in the pool, I am reminded of why I love cycle so much. With that being said, I’ll be going back again and again until I master it and am released to ride again!

Whether your injury is minor (muscle strain) or major (stress fracture), you're not doomed to weeks of riding the couch! The decision to keep exercising is up to you AND your doctor and will require a little planning and a lot of common sense. If you are determined to exercise, ask your doctor for a list of exercises. Staying active will keep your mind (and body) right where you want them.


I’ll be taking my own advice and listening to my doctor this time. His recommendation is to take a full break from the gym – which is something I plan to do immediately. Listed on the right side bar of this blog are my subs and for what classes they will be covering me.

My goal is to be 100% by Labor Day to ride with you for the Labor of Love. It’s a 60 minute Boot Camp followed by 75 minute Cycle and ending with a 45 minute Core and stretch. It’s only three hours of the most fun you’ve ever had! Watch for the signs with all the info.