Monday, January 3, 2011


I was recently asked the question "That's like Yoga right?" by one of my Boot Camp peeps. In simple terms - yes and no! They are both considered a part of the mind/body dicipline of exercise however they do carry their own distinct characteristics.

The ultimate aim of practicing Yoga is to create a balance between the body and the mind and to attain self-enlightenment. In order to accomplish it, Yoga makes use of different movements, breathing exercises, relaxation technique and meditation. Yoga helps you become more aware of your body's posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress stricken environment.

The emphasis of Pilates is to strengthen the abdominals, improve posture, stabilize and lengthen the spine, improve balance and overall strength. Pilates gives you a longer, leaner line. Pilates builds a strong core, increases strength and flexibility simultaneously, and improves posture, stability and alignment. It also emphasizes complete concentration on smooth, flowing movement, and proper breathing. You become acutely aware of how your body feels, where it is in space, and how best to control its movement.

Pilates is pretty incredible. Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself - Gold's Gym GGX is offering a new 30 minute Pilates session on Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am. The instructor will be yours truly. Pilates is a great complement to any exercise schedule.

See you on Tuesdays!