Saturday, April 4, 2015

Snooze or Cruise?

Yeah yeah I know, we've all been there. You set the alarm before heading off to bed with every intention of rising early and getting in that "killer" workout. You're excited as you drift off to sleep and look forward to the early morning wake-up.

Then it happens...the alarm starts buzzing and as you reach over to silence it, you begin to reason with yourself as to why you should stay in bed. It's way too early. It's way too cold. You're way too tired. You find that glorious little snooze button, and press it down hard. Silence returns to your bedroom and as you close your eyes and feel that comfortable sleep come over you again, you tell yourself "five more minutes".

After a few minutes, the alarm sounds and again you hit snooze. You repeat this a couple more times until finally you give in and turn it off all together. It's too late to get up and exercise now but there's always tomorrow.

At the time, hitting the snooze sure feels like a good idea. After all there are some mornings where all you need is just another 30 minutes of sleep. But I'm going to urge you to start to look at your snooze button differently. Think about it this way - every time you hit "snooze", you delay action. You stay in the same place, in the same moment and make the statement that you're not ready to move forward. All good intentions and good planning are wiped away with one sweep of the hand and press of that little button.

Dramatic? OK - maybe a little.

Take a second and write down one thing that you would do if you knew that you could not fail. Now look at what you wrote and imagine how quickly you'd get there if you hit snooze every time you started on your journey. Any successful person will tell you that there is one constant in realizing success and that is ACTION. When we force ourselves to take action, especially in those instances when we really just don't feel like it, we call on ourselves at a higher level and THAT is where great things start to happen. Just think about the massive initial push that it takes to get a stalled car moving again. Once the wheels are put into motion, the pushing gets a lot easier.

I challenge you to commit to find YOUR power through action. Tomorrow morning, as the alarm rings loud to wake you out of your slumber, throw back the cover, put your feet fast to the floor, stand up and take charge of the day. Don't give yourself a second to think about it. Silence the voice that is begging you for just five more minutes and just make it happen. Don't wait until you "feel like it" to take action - that time may never come. Attack the day with a warriors heart. It is with that heart, my friends, that you will discover how great you can really be.

Catch you in the cycle room!
Ride on!

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Safe and warm at home!

As the roads begin to ice over, take advantage of this time to heat up your body! Below is an at-home body weight workout that should take you about 45 minutes to do. Do your best to stay moving the entire time. Remember to stretch when you finish. To progress the movements, grab a Kettlebell or a set of Dumbbells.

Warm-up (10 min as many rounds as possible (AMRAP)

  • 25x Body Weight Squat
  • 12x Alternate lunge (each leg)
  • 10x Jumping Jack

 8 Rounds (do these two things 8x)

  • 8x Push-up (Strict Form)
  • Plank Hold (60 sec)

 4 Rounds (do these three things 4x)

  • 12x Jump Lunge
  • 12x Burpee
  • 12x Jump Squats


  • 100 basic step ups (50 each side you can choose the height but make it challenging and don't forget to write down how long it takes you and what the height of your step/bench is.)