Friday, April 8, 2011

When I Grow Up.....

So it's been a while since my last post. Sorry guys. I'm in the depths of working through my Level 1 Pilates reformer certification and I have Level 2 training coming up at the end of April (can't wait). BUT - I haven't forgotten about you - it's just been a while.

While I'm getting my next post ready, I just want to leave you with a thought:

Our health effects everything and everyone. Our friends, our family and our co-workers. I've heard some of you say that you are lacking motivation. Why not be motivated by the vision of being the one who pushes and inspires others to take care of their own bodies?

Lead by example.

You don't think anyone is watching....think again. Those of you that know me know that I'm as sensitive as they come. Okay okay - stop laughing.....believe it or not, there really are two things in this world that turn me to mush. The yearly arrival of my Pens season tickets and my nephews.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with my two youngest nephews at their home in Martinsburg, West Virginia. They are three and five years old and every time we're together we always do something, at their request, that involves physical activity. I leave wondering how I can bottle their energy and sell it. This visit was no different. When I arrived late Sunday night, Aiden, the 5 year old, decided that his activity of choice that night was simply just to "exercise." And why not right? I just sat in the car for three hours - what better way to work out the kinks than with a nice, homemade circuit.
  • Station 1 consisted of me carrying Aiden on my back while doing walking lunges. Nothing propels you to move faster or complete more laps than having a 50 pound five year old giggling in your ear.
  • Station 2 was what I like to call Matthew squats (or squatting with a 3 year old hanging off your back). Front squats, side squats, a few squat jumps. His mother tells me he's only 31 pounds but my legs were telling me different!
  • Station 3 was extra adventurous. They both piled on and I attempted push-ups. Got six out, on my toes thank you very much, before all three of us finally collapsed to the floor in a mound of belly laughs.
But what really floored me happened the next morning when my nephew Aiden, out of nowhere said, "Aunt Chelle, when I grow up, I want to be athletic and fit just like you." It totally blew my mind. I never looked at myself as athletic. I have no coordination, I don't play a sport and I hate to run. I'm just a chick who loves her bike and the gym. Aiden sees me as something more and that makes me want to be something more. He thinks I'm athletic and that is so cool. That is what I'll be thinking about now each time I jump on my bike. That is what I'll be thinking about each time I don't think I can go any further.

What will propel you forward?

We always tend to hold back right before we jump into the unknown. The unknown is extremely uncomfortable and maybe just a little scary. Its the wall that separates us from being good and being great.

Here is my challenge to you. Pick one day every week and challenge yourself to take that jump. Its in those moments we find that "just a little more" that you hear about. You may actually surprise yourself.

Who is watching you? Nobody? Are you sure?

Stay tuned - I'll be posting again soon. What's in store for May:
  • Follow my training for the Rachel Carson Challenge
  • HIIT training - what can it do for you?
  • New Clean Eating recipes (this will be a monthly treat!)
  • Core move of the month (this will be a monthly addition also)
Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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