Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Whole-lotta F Words - One for the Coaches

During a recent Kettlebell class, one of my peeps made a simple statement that made me super happy. She said, "I'd rather focus on the basics and increase my weight than do some crazy stuff that makes no sense."

Amen sister.

In the never-ending quest to "entertain" our clients, have we as fitness professionals lost our minds? When fun foils function and form (that's a whole-lotta F words) we begin to lose control over why we do what we do. Are you there for your people or have you become an entertaining distraction? You're cool and fun but are you effective enough to get your people where they need to go? Once they leave your presence, are they still thinking about what you've taught them?

Simply - are you making a difference beyond the spotlight?

Maybe it's time to re-set, take control and remember that you're here for furthering functional fitness not for fleeting fame. (Yeah I went there - it's my blog - I do what I want).

Here are four things to keep in mind:
  1. With regard to your peeps, if you don't take their fitness seriously, how can they? News flash - you're not a rock star and you're not in a popularity contest, you're their coach or their trainer. Get your head on straight and make the goals of your client more important than feeding your ego.
  2. A workout can be fun without being a freak show of circus moves. Recognize that your clients do not have A.D.D. and they don't need to be entertained (ok most of them don't). Having your client put their legs in the air stretched out at a 45 degree angle, head and neck resting on the floor while engaging in a chest press will accomplish what? If you guessed lumbar strain, you're right and you've won one of two prizes. Modification of every other exercise because your client can't move or losing that client all together because exercise "hurts my lower back." THINK about what you're giving your people. Which brings me to my next point...
  3. Youtube is not an educational reference manual for safe and effective exercises. Educate yourself. No I mean REALLY educate yourself. Imjustsayin.
  4. Finally, talk to your peeps and find out what they need, then work to give it to them. If you have someone who really wants to see, feel and think differently about themselves and their bodies, take that stuff seriously. The more you care about them and the less you care about you, the bigger your ripple will be.
By no means am I the Messiah of Fitness (far from it) and I'm not saying that it's either my way or the highway. All I'm asking is that we take a minute and pay attention to what we're doing. As a fitness coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, etc. yours is not a casual relationship with fitness. Some people just want to exercise, and that's cool but most people are there for a reason; weight loss, increased cardio endurance, or training for a specific event. Whatever their reason for being in the room, you should feel lucky they chose you to share their journey with them. Be a good co-pilot and learn to inspire.

Be Happy. Be Healthy. beSTRONG.