Friday, December 16, 2011

Your 100%

As I sat this evening finishing up Hard Core Part 4, I decided to take a small detour and focus a little on something that's on my mind. You know the old saying, "You gotta crawl before you walk." Well wiser words were never spoken.

This morning I had the pleasure of spending a little one on one Cardio Core time with one of my favorite peeps. She and I have been working together for about seven months now and her fitness level has improved considerably from when we first met. I love her determined spirit. It's that spirit that has led her to do great things. It's also what is holding her back.

"Never despise small beginnings, and don't belittle your own accomplishments. Remember them and use them as inspiration as you go on to the next thing. When you venture outside your comfort zone, wherever the starting point may be, it's kind of a big deal."
- Chris Guillebeau

Kind of a big deal? ABSOLUTELY! The mere thought of making changes and leaving your comfort zone can be intimidating. Even worse, when we leave our comfort zone and things don't go as planned, it can be devastating.

It can also be empowering. You make the choice.

Recognizing that you have a weakness is actually a beautiful step in the right direction. It's in that moment that you can really hone in on the change that your body needs. Each body is different and, for that reason, everybody will begin their journey in a different place and progress at different speeds. Only you can determine what you need and the speed at which you fulfill those needs. Come into each day with your game face on and, most importantly, IDENTIFY YOUR 100%. Don't benchmark yourself against someone else because they, most likely, are not in the same position as you. Doing this will only discourage you and derail your progression. The key to turning devastation into empowerment is to celebrate the small victories.

I’ve come to think of high performance as showing off. Showing off isn’t about bragging or arrogance. Showing off simply means bringing your best to everything that you do. It’s about being focused and working with the intention of creating results that benefit you in any given situation. Showing off means creating value through accomplishment and finding your "TA-DA" moment.

Take a minute after every workout to focus on what you DID accomplish, not what you didn't. Celebrate the victory that you did five full push-ups before dropping to your knees (2 more than last week)! Then, knowing that you CAN be successful, button down, get outside of your comfort zone, and get ready for next week's celebration. 

Ride on!