Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Starting January 1 we have added to completely new rides to the calendar!

Sunday - 8:30 am (45 minutes)
For those who are starting out, starting over, or just looking for a nice recovery ride, this class is tailored specifically for you! Recovery rides are as important as any intense workout and must be considered as part of a fitness program. These lower intensity rides will keep your hear rate under 65% of your max with lighter resistance and a variety of speed.

Sunday - 9:30 am (60 minutes)
Jump start the fat burning process in your body. Kick your metabolism into high gear. Burn calories longer after you finish working out. Does all this sound good to you? High Intensity Interval Training consists of a "rest" to "work" ratio and is a way reduce your workout time and up your fat burning. Killer workouts weekly that will push your limits!

Shoot me an email with any questions!


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here we go Steelers, Here we go!

With the 2010-11 Steelers season looming down upon us, it's time for everyone to rethink when and how they can make it to the gym and still squeeze in time for our beloved Black and Gold! You all know that I want to make sure your time is well spent so.......

BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 12 we will be moving the Sunday High Intensity Interval Spin to 8:30 am (90 minutes) with Core following at 10:15 am (45 minutes). This will give you plenty of time to ride, grab a shower and still make it to your tailgate party in time!

See you in the spin room!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Follow Your Doctor's Advice

"Listen to your doctor." The words seem simple enough, but if you're anything like me, you tend to exercise even when your body is telling you to stop. Working through an injury can be detrimental and, in the long run, turn a temporary problem into a permanent one.

Most of you know that I injured my foot in May of 2009. Ignoring the doctor's advice put me in the position where I am today. Here we are 14 months later and I'm banned from all the cardio I love....including cycle (both indoors and out). As the summer days slip away and my bike is hanging up in the garage, I’ve turned to the pool. After my first dip in the pool, I am reminded of why I love cycle so much. With that being said, I’ll be going back again and again until I master it and am released to ride again!

Whether your injury is minor (muscle strain) or major (stress fracture), you're not doomed to weeks of riding the couch! The decision to keep exercising is up to you AND your doctor and will require a little planning and a lot of common sense. If you are determined to exercise, ask your doctor for a list of exercises. Staying active will keep your mind (and body) right where you want them.


I’ll be taking my own advice and listening to my doctor this time. His recommendation is to take a full break from the gym – which is something I plan to do immediately. Listed on the right side bar of this blog are my subs and for what classes they will be covering me.

My goal is to be 100% by Labor Day to ride with you for the Labor of Love. It’s a 60 minute Boot Camp followed by 75 minute Cycle and ending with a 45 minute Core and stretch. It’s only three hours of the most fun you’ve ever had! Watch for the signs with all the info.

Monday, July 12, 2010


"Push just a little harder."
"Go just a little further."
"Now is not the time to quit is it?"

You've all heard me ask the above from you and all you want to do is stop the pain. Click on "6 Tips to Push Past the Pain" above and take a look at a great article I found in Runner's World. I found it very interesting and certainly helpful to me. Here's a little piece that I especially like:
Don't get too emotionally involved with the pain or get upset when you feel it," Taylor says. "Detach yourself and simply use it as information." Ask yourself where the pain is and why it's happening. And if it's not related to an injury, then acknowledge that this could be an indication that what you're doing is going to help you reach your goal. "Some types of pain tell you that you're pushing yourself, that you're getting better," he says.
Check out the link and the next time you think you can't do another level - think again. Taking the time to truly evaluate where your body is and how much effort you are ACTUALLY putting forth makes each class worthwhile. Each time we ride, you all make me proud. Every drop of sweat and every beat on your heart rate monitor makes you defines your workload and what you are willing to give to achieve your goals. Keep up the good work my friends!

Ride on!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thanks Monday Night!

Hey guys - just wanted to say THANKS SO MUCH for a great turn out on Monday night! It was so cool to ride with all of you again! Miss you all so much. I'm excited that Lauren and I will be busting on you once a month in a SURPRISE Race Day!! Ha ha - look forward to it. You never know what corner I may be lurking behind!

Stay healthy and I'll see you in May!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


What a better way to cross train than adding a little Boot Camp to your life! Megan Kimmich and I will be starting a 12-week program on Tuesday, March 2 and it will run through Thursday, May 20.

The times of training will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:00 am. Think you're in shape?

Ask me about it the next time you see me!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Hey all, I'll be out of town from Tuesday, February 16 through Sunday, February 21. I'm headed to continuing education for Cycle, Boot Camp and Core where I will learn the latest and greatest to push you guys to your limits!

My sub list is at the front desk for each of my classes. It is also shown to the right. Take a minute to enjoy one of the awesome instructors so graciously filling in for me in my absence!

Look forward to seeing you all when I return on Monday, February 22. AND DON'T FORGET RACE DAY.......Monday March 1 both 5:30 and 6:45 classes. With the schedule over the last 2 months, we have missed the enjoyment of finding those limits and then BREAKING THEM!

Stay warm!

Intro to Cycle

Wow - had a really great group of six for the last Intro to Cycle class. Everyone worked hard and had some good strong questions. I hope that we have six newbies who will jump on board and realize what an amazing workout (both physically and mentally) that Indoor Cycle can offer.

Next Intro class will be held Saturday, March 6 at 10:45 am. If you know anyone who is "afraid of the spin room" - fill them in and see if we can't introduce them to Indoor Cycle the RIGHT WAY!

Each class covers:
- Proper bike set-up
- Proper form in all of the riding movements (including standing run, standing climb, seated climb, seated flat and sprints)
- A short 30 minute ride. This ride will slowly introduce all of the above mentioned movements and preview a "jump" - although the participants will not do jumps.

Spread the word!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday Cycle Class

Hello! I have taken over the Saturday 9:15 cycle class. Be there!

Do you know someone who has been afraid of making the jump into the Cycle room? Don't let them miss the Intro to Cycle class held the first Saturday of every month.
The next class will be Saturday February 6 at 10:45 am. It's a great way to become introduced with the bike, the moves and the high you get from indoor cycle!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sufferfest 2010 - Part 1

Well we had an absolute blast for our Sufferfest 2010 - Part 1 ride. Marty, Maryanne and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and from the feedback we've received, you guys had a blast also! We've had a number of questions as to when our next extended ride might be and the answer's still up in the air! Look for signs somewhere around April 1.

Congratulations to all of our winners for the Sufferfest 2010 Part 1. Our other winners received scratch off lottery tickets, $5 in free parking for the day, or a Spinning water bottle. Melodye Gay was our Grand Prize winner riding away with a Troy Polamalu jersey.

Join us next could be our Grand Prize winner!

In the meantime, if you're looking for an extended ride, take a minute and register for the ADA Spin-A-Thon. Its a six hour ride that will benefit the American Diabetes Association. You do not have to ride the entire 6 hours - you can pick your time, your instructor and even the kind of ride you want. If you're here at my blog site, you can just click on the link above and register. Just think - while making a change in your life, you could be raising money for a good cause!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hey guys - I'm back. First class back was Intro to Cycle on Saturday, January 2. What a great class - FIVE newbies approached the world of Indoor Cycle and hopefully made a commitment to come back!

Did the 90 minute High Intensity ride today and have to be honest - 30 days off the bike sure does make a difference. Wow what a ride!

I'm back in full swing starting with our THREE HOUR SUFFERFEST on Sunday, January 10. Class starts at 11:30 and ends at 2:30. Be there! We have 20 bikes available and 14 are already spoken for. If you're interested - get your name on the list NOW! We're giving away free parking for the day of the event to four lucky people. We're also giving you a chance to win a Steelers home jersey.

Check out the side bar for our upcoming rides. Can't wait to see you all!

Ride on!