Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Just Sayin....

So check this out.....I got the coolest email today from one of my peeps sharing with me a complement she got from one of her co-workers.

We started working together about 5 months ago. I had always invited her to come to one of my Psycle Indoor Cycle classes and, while she said she would, she never did. I figured I would ask one last time and finally, somewhat apprehensively, she took her first IC class on Labor Day (Sept 5) - 6 weeks ago. After class she said it was "ok" but that she would return.

She has come to 19 Indoor Cycle classes since that time. She rides heavy, she rides fast. She rides like she means it. She never walks out wondering if she gave enough. She rides the kind of ride that will sometimes push you to tears because you have virtually NOTHING LEFT but those tears. That is something everyone should experience (thanks RTB). She doesn't compromise her workouts. Not ever. To her it's not just a class, it means something.

She has since lost eight inches. EIGHT INCHES!

To all of you haters - stop hating. My friend is 54 years old with tight hamstrings and she has earned every single one of those inches! I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of her. She is a strong athlete who doesn't just attend the class - she shows up determined to ride like a champion. She takes control of every one of those 3600 seconds in that hour and makes them work for her.

I guess my point is.....if you want something bad enough, you'll make the effort. How badly do you want it? Bad enough to get really, really uncomfortable? Bad enough to say NO to the stuff you know is sabotaging you reaching your goal?

It is totally your call. Stop wondering and start living!

I'm just sayin.......