Monday, January 12, 2015

Safe and warm at home!

As the roads begin to ice over, take advantage of this time to heat up your body! Below is an at-home body weight workout that should take you about 45 minutes to do. Do your best to stay moving the entire time. Remember to stretch when you finish. To progress the movements, grab a Kettlebell or a set of Dumbbells.

Warm-up (10 min as many rounds as possible (AMRAP)

  • 25x Body Weight Squat
  • 12x Alternate lunge (each leg)
  • 10x Jumping Jack

 8 Rounds (do these two things 8x)

  • 8x Push-up (Strict Form)
  • Plank Hold (60 sec)

 4 Rounds (do these three things 4x)

  • 12x Jump Lunge
  • 12x Burpee
  • 12x Jump Squats


  • 100 basic step ups (50 each side you can choose the height but make it challenging and don't forget to write down how long it takes you and what the height of your step/bench is.) 

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