Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pilates is for Chicks

"If Pilates is a chick's workout, then women are a lot tougher than we think." Out of the mouths of babes ( hubby is a babe). This was something he said to me after I ran him through one of my Pilates Equipment sessions.

Most men chuckle when I ask them to come to the studio to work with me. Like I'm going to sit cross-legged with them on the floor and chant and meditate. It's comical. I wanted to sit down and write a blog about WHY men should be doing Pilates when I remembered reading an article quite some time ago. Thank God (or Al Gore) for the internet, because a simple Google dig and I found that very article. It gives a little insight from the perspective of a man, who is a self-proclaimed "Meathead". Check it out then come back and finish reading.

I know guys who can do crunches or weighted sit-ups until they're blue in the face but start to whimper after 15 seconds in a plank hold. So what? Why is it important to train your core musculature? The most basic answer I can give you is "every move you make originates from your core. Train those muscles and you will have a strong foundation from which to move."

Burpees, overhead squats, wall balls, wall climbs, running, jumping, and the list goes on....all need core strength to reduce the chance of injury.

Look - our bodies are amazing creations that can handle extreme conditions. This doesn't mean you should torture yourself every day with high intensity cardio workouts.You're totally ripping yourself off if you train one way, the same way, every day, all the time.

Something to think about.

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